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Costa Rica, Volcan Azul San Isidro Anaerobic (Filter Roast)

Costa Rica, Volcan Azul San Isidro Anaerobic (Filter Roast)

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Tasting notes: Lime Soda, Mango, Lychee, Toffee

Variety: San Isidro (Sarchimor)
Processing: Anaerobic
SCAA Score: 88.75

Elevation: 1600MASL
Farm: Volcan Azul

About the farm:

At the beginning of the 19th century, when coffee production was in its early beginnings in America, without knowing it, two pioneers and entrepreneurs, Alejo C. Jiménez in Costa Rica and Wilhelm Kahle in the south of Mexico, shared the same dream: “To produce the best coffee in the world” to satisfy the new demanding European gourmet market.

Today, descendants of these visionary farmers still produce coffee within the same ideals of excellency and top quality that inspired their ancestors that continue with the tradition in Costa Rica.

The production process starts with the planting of the coffee trees on highly fertile volcanic soil above 1400 meters above sea level (SHB) in 3 different regions from Costa Rica.

Volcan Azul has been in the Castro-Kahle family since the 1840's. Currently it is run by Alejo Kahle Castro, a fifth generation producer whose dedication to quality and innovation has seen him picking up second place in COE with his other farms Hacienda Colima and Hacienda La Union. The main crop on the farm is sugar cane, but this is quickly changing as the demand for excellent quality Costa Rican coffees continues to grow.


Alejo speaks about this important varietal - “In 2010 with the help of two agronomists, Carlos Mario Rodriguez and Orlando Mora, we began testing in our farms Volcan Azul and Hacienda Colima, different lines of Sarchimor, which is a hybrid of Villa Sarchí and Timor. There are many lines of Sarchimor around the world, however, our aim is to develop a differentiated line that achieves the following goals; 

When we started these experiments the lines were called VIC ́s, but right now the lines we have selected are called San Isidro because of the town near the farm where the lines are tested. We will continue with these experiments hoping every year to improve this variety and to have the best coffee cup.”

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