Ecuador Carlos Correa

Ecuador Carlos Correa

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Farm: Carlos Correa
Region: Canada, Zumba, Zamora Chinchipe
Elevation: 1400 masl
Varietal: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
Process: Washed

How it tastes: Juicy body and a vibrant orange citrus acidity with notes of apricot and honey and a clean finish.

Carlos Correa was born in a small town called ‘Canada’, located near the region of Palanda.  He is 40 years old and has been married to Julia Medina for 24 years. 

They have 7 children, Edgar, Jhony, Edwin, Tania, Irene, Irma And Katy.  At 13 years old, Carlos planted his first coffee plantation. Currently, the farm has three hectares of coffee with an annual production of 8004kg (116 bags @ 69kg).

The farm is located at 1400 metres above sea level and produces predominately Caturra and Pache varietals.