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Colombia Hacienda La Palmera Bourbon Natural (Espress Roast)

Colombia Hacienda La Palmera Bourbon Natural (Espress Roast)

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Tasting notes: Cherry, Dark Milk Chocolate, Peach Iced Tea, Red Grape, Vanilla
Roast: Espresso

Variety: Bourbon
Roast: Filter
Processing: Natural
SCAA Score: 87

Elevation: 1450-2000 MASL
Farm Name: Hacienda La Palmera "

In 1969 Dr. Octavio Rodríguez Restrepo was transferred to Anserma in Caldas to finish his medical studies. He instantly fell in love with the area and its coffee landscape, so he decided to buy “La Palmera”, a 6-hectare farm. Fusing this new found passion with his excellent administration skills, he managed to expand the farm to an area of 161 hectares, of which 128 are destined for coffee production and 21 are kept as a reserve and environmental protection area.

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